A partnership between The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation and Okoa Refuge to care for, give to, and grow children in Uganda


There are approximately 2.7 million orphans in Uganda, according to UNICEF.
2.7 million children without parents.
2.7 million children without love.
2.7 million opportunities for us to care and make a difference!


Inspired by McKenzie’s life of love, teen volunteers at The McKenzie Noelle Wilson Foundation became dedicated to raising funds to build an orphanage in Africa. For months, students did whatever they could to raise money: from bake sales and school canteens, to jewelry sales and donated birthday gifts. Their dream was turned into a reality with the help of other donors who matched their contributions and helped reach their goal.


Okoa Refuge, Inc. is an independent non-profit organization run by Liv and Tyler Workman. Together, they live in Africa where they rescue orphans. In 2011, The Foundation teamed up with Okoa Refuge to proudly open the doors of a girl’s home called Amaka ga McKenzie, or “McKenzie’s Home” in Lugandan. Over the next 2 years The Foundation went on to fund the building of a boy’s home and an abandoned baby home. Each of these unique homes continually provides an education, spiritual support, medical care, food and shelter for its more than 70 children. These three facilities were funded by The Foundation and are operated by Okoa Refuge to create a special community of love and care in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsors are currently needed to provide ongoing monthly support for the children living in these orphanages. Sponsorships fund food, clothing, medical care, school fees, and more for each child. Most of the children living in the Amaka ga McKenzie orphanages are orphans that have either experienced death of both parents or have been abandoned. Okoa does not discriminate against those who are sick, HIV+ or older children. For details on how you can change a child’s life by becoming a sponsor, CLICK HERE